How to design a Tiny House

What sets aside Tiny Houses from living in average-sized homes is usually their innovative designs. From house boats, to cottages, from treehouses to mini-castles, there are limitless possibilities for Tiny Houses.

With Tiny Houses, every inch of space matters therefore having a set plan before you start building is required.  Furniture and spaces have to be multi-functional, used for different things and adapted to the space.

Just because you live in a Tiny House doesn’t mean everything has to be tiny. Keeping important features like an adult sized bed or proper sized shower, means that your living space will not be compromised.

You will also need to decide where you want your Tiny House to be, whether on the back of a trailer, perched up high in a tree or located on a remote farm, the options are endless. 

Living Big in a Tiny Home and Tiny House Nation are also great TV shows to watch for inspiration when designing your Tiny Home.

Contact local Tiny House builders in your area if you require assistance on your build.

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