Living in a Tiny house with kids

Tiny Houses are becoming increasingly popular for singles, couples, and even for people with children. The idea of living in a Tiny House with children may surprise you but many families are choosing to abandon traditional homes, for a tinier alternative.

Bringing up your child on the road is an exciting idea for many, giving them a chance to learn from experience rather than traditional school. Living in a Tiny House has helped parents get creative in the way they teach their children, it’s not just about home-schooling, but important life lessons.

When building a Tiny House, be sure to take into consideration the needs of the children or babies that will live in the space. Tiny houses offer flexibility and can be extended as the children reach adolescence or they can even have their own tiny houses. 

It’s important to begin minimising and simplifying your way of life before moving to a  to make it quicker for children to adapt. Pick a location with an outdoor area or porch, giving the children a place to play outside. Tiny houses require constant cleaning as the limited space gets dirty fast, although cleaning a Tiny House takes much less time than a conventional home. 

Live big in a Tiny House with your children.

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