Tiny House Insurance

A Tiny House may be more susceptible to the weather and extreme storms, potentially getting damaged. Insurance varies by state and country so be sure to do your research.

In the US, check your state’s specific laws on owning property whether it be mobile or with a fixed foundation. A Tiny House with wheels often has similar rules and regulations to RVs, which is good if you plan on moving around a lot with your mobile Tiny House. A Tiny House with a foundation may be tougher to become a legal residence and therefore to get insurance for. 

There are also mobile home policies, also known as manufactured home insurance, which are suitable if you do not plan to move your Tiny House much. This covers the home, personal property and liability claims. Unlike RV insurance, mobile home insurance doesn’t cover the home or your belongings when in transit, a separate policy is required for that. 

If you are building your own Tiny House, it may be difficult to insure as some companies won’t insure properties that aren’t built by professionals. Be sure to pick the right policy for you, ensuring your house is protected.

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