Tiny houses with amazing lofts

The best part about Tiny Houses is that they are completely customizable to suit your needs and transportable, either on the back of a trailer or built into a vehicle. When designing a Tiny House, most people will debate whether to build a loft or not. 

To add space to Tiny House, people often design lofts, an upper-story or elevated space that can be accessed by ladders or stairs. It saves a huge amount of space, increases your living area, and is one of the reasons tiny houses can be so tiny. 

Individuals often choose to have their sleeping space and storage in the loft, tucked away from the rest of the house. There are so many designs to pick from, for example: a cozy loft with a lot of bright light or a super modern loft with a glass wall allowing you to see what’s going on below you in your Tiny House.  Some may prefer a single-level design, especially elderly individuals who may find it difficult to climb ladders or stairs.

Lofts are not just bedrooms anymore. With creative new designs, lofts can become playrooms for children, work spaces for remote workers, or even additional storage space.

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