What are the benefits of living in a Tiny House?

For those considering living in a Tiny House, what are the benefits of living in a Tiny House? 

Cost of Living

The overall price of building or buying a Tiny House is much less than that of a regular home. The cost of repairs, maintenance, utilities, bills, and others is also reduced when compared with a normal-sized home. One of the main motivations of Tiny House living is the reduced cost of living, allowing finances to go further. 

Ecological Impact

One of the main motivators of living Tiny, is having a less harmful impact on the environment. Tiny Houses, by definition, should be built with renewable materials in an ecological way and use some form of renewable energy. 


Tiny Houses are usually equipped with solar panels and composting toilets making them largely self-sufficient. This means Tiny Houses can be perfect accommodations in rural areas or for those wanting to live ‘off-grid’ away from modern life.

Life on the Road

For those who decide to build a Tiny House on wheels, one of the draws is a life of adventure on the road and getting to explore your surroundings. You are able to decide where you want to settle on that day. It provides true freedom.

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