What are the legal dimensions for a Tiny House?

In many countries, Tiny Houses are built on trailers to eliminate the need for building permits. In the USA and Australia, Tiny Houses have wheels so they can be classified as a campervan and not as a small house. Local laws vary so it’s important to check before you begin designing. 

In the USA, how big your Tiny House can be depends on the state you are in, and whether you want to be able to transport it on a trailer. For a Tiny House on a trailer, the maximum size is 13.5 ft tall, 8.5 ft wide, and 40 ft long; it cannot exceed 65 ft with the tow vehicle. 

Some state governments find Tiny Houses to be illegal in their residential zones, primarily because no national building codes consider Tiny Houses to be legitimate residential structures. State’s regulations vary, that is why some states are more lenient with Tiny Houses than others. 

In Europe, the maximum weight including the trailer is 3,500 kg, max width is 2.55 meters, and between 4.0 and 4.5 meters high depending on the country. In the EU, it is important to have the right drivers licence when towing your Tiny House. When parking a Tiny House, the rules are similar to that of an RV. The rules change depending on the country so be sure to read local advice.

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