What is the difference between a Tiny House and a Caravan?

Tiny Houses are usually designed as permanent living spaces and are therefore more comfortable than a caravan which are usually used for shorter periods. Tiny Houses can also be built on the back of trailers allowing for them to be easily transported. Tiny Houses are more customisable, better adapted to suit your needs.

Caravans have wheels and provide greater mobility as they are designed to be constantly on the move. Perfect for those wanting to travel with a roof over their head. Less costly materials are used to build caravans meaning that they will usually be cheaper to buy than Tiny Houses. 

Tiny Houses are usually made of higher quality materials and share features of average houses, for strong structures compared to caravans. Tiny Houses are better insulated, which means reduced energy costs all year round. If you choose to build your Tiny House this will take considerable planning and time to build, whereas a caravan is usually ready-to-use when purchased. 

In terms of legal compliance and insurance coverage, caravans are relatively easier than Tiny Houses. This is because Tiny Houses are an emerging trend with countries and states still up in the air about what is covered by insurance and how to classify Tiny Houses.

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