What is the difference between a Tiny House and a Mobile Home?

Both Tiny Houses and mobile homes are smaller than the average home, both are fully customisable to your needs, and are great for those looking to downsize. They are cheaper than average houses, with less property tax and money spent on utilities due to their size.

Mobile homes are affordable, family-friendly and offer more space than Tiny Houses, making them a great option for families. Contrary to what their name suggests, mobile homes are less mobile than tiny houses and are usually stationary. Mobile homes are usually less self-sustainable than Tiny Houses, requiring a dump station, electricity and other requirements. 

Tiny Houses can be stationary or mobile, are usually easily transported making them perfect for those wanting to travel. They are largely self-sufficient and self-reliant, producing their own energy or composting toilets for those wanting to live off grid. Their size makes them more eco-friendly than average homes, using fewer resources. They offer less space than mobile homes and typically cost more initially, although you will save on utilities in the long-term. 

While both provide good options for those wanting to simplify their lifestyles and reduce their cost of living, Tiny Houses provide more freedom to explore, are easily transported and largely self-sufficient, without giving up on any luxuries from modern-life.

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