Who is suited for tiny living?

Tiny living, or the Tiny Movement, is a social movement with people choosing to downsize and simplify their way of life, choosing to live in smaller spaces, with reduced ecological impacts, costs, and being able to be self-sufficient. 

Tiny living provides huge financial gains for most with the added bonus of living on the road leading to a life full of adventure. For most people, their house is the biggest investment, with most people currently unable to buy a house in their lifetimes. With a bigger house comes the need for more furniture and ‘stuff’, items that are unnecessary. 

Everyone can be suited for tiny living, it is all about making that personal choice. For young people, many want to own their own home. Owning a Tiny House is possible as the costs, repairs, maintenance and utilities are much less. 

Couples wanting to ditch a life of routine and live sustainably would also be prime candidates. Many families are choosing to reduce their ecological impact on the planet, raising their kids in a tiny house. Elderly individuals love the tiny way of living, with reduced living costs, tiny living gives them a higher quality of life. 

Living tiny, is all about simplifying your life for what you truly need.

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